COC Pocket Rocket Challenge: Rewards & Tips and Tricks

May 31, 2022

Clash of Clans is again back with a new Pocket Rocket challenge featuring Rocket Balloons. Check out the entire article to know more about how to complete the challenge and the rewards you can get from the COC Pocket Rocket challenge.

Every week, Supercell holds events such as this one where players can grind to earn rare rewards and EXP. This year has been filled with many unique and exciting events, and now it’s time to collect the goodies before they expire.

Clash of Clan’s Pocket Rocket Challenge is a limited-time event where players need to complete the task using Rocket Balloons. Speaking of Rocket Balloons, you can always use various strategies, whether it be ground or aerial. The event is set to run from May 31st to June 5th.


What Are The Rewards For The COC Pocket Rocket Challenge?

As the banner says, compete in the event to earn some explosive rewards! In the Pocket Rocket event, you can grab 400 XP and 2 Training Potions which you can use to boost your Training Camps for 24 hours. In order to complete the event, you’ll have to win ten matches successfully.

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How To Complete The Challenge Quickly

Rocket Balloons are Super Troops in the game, which can be grabbed by leveling regular Balloon up past 8. However, you must invest 25,000 Dark Elixir or a Super Potion. Although the challenge asks you to use the Rocket Balloons, you’re free to use all the available troops in your Training Camp and spells brewed in the Spell Factory.

For ground attacks, you can use the GoWiPe and Miner attacks, and for the aerial attacks, you can always go with the Lavaloon and Dragon attacks. But make sure to take along a Rocket Baloon to meet the challenge requirement. Interestingly, the attack has no base requirement, so you can freely attack any base whose ultimate aim is to win.

That’s all for the COC Pocket Rocket Challenge. Check out the Guides page for exciting tips and tricks on other popular and trending games.

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