COD Mobile It's a Heist Event: List of missions And Rewards

January 21, 2022

If you are an avid Call Of Duty: Mobile player, then you must be pretty excited with the commencement of the new season and the battle pass.

What makes the current season special is the unique and exciting content. Speaking of it, the game is holding an event called It’s a Heist and this article tells you exactly the rewards associated with COD Mobile It’s a Heist event and the entire list of missions.

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Although there are a bunch of events full of action coming in future dates in this Season 1, It’s a Heist has both tasks and free rewards session waiting for players to claim straightaway.


In order to take part in the event, players don’t have to fulfill any requirements. The entrance is free for all and players can start completing the tasks on a daily basis.

COD Mobile It’s a Heist event: List of missions

Here is the list of tasks each player has to complete to nab the rewards. Each task has a set of points attached to it. One must collect enough points to exchange them for rewards. 

  • Play three matches for 10 points
  • Purchase any Primary Weapon three times in Heist Playlist for 10 points
  • Purchase any Operator skill five times in matches for 10 points
  • Purchase perks five times for 15 points
  • Open a safe once for 15 points
  • Open a safe five times for 20 points
  • Play five matches for 10 points
  • Win two Heist Playlist matches for 20 points
  • Kill five enemies in Heist Playlist matches for 10 points

Rewards in COD Mobile It’s a Heist event

Once you have collected enough points by completing the tasks, here is the list of rewards that you can exchange with it.

  • 60 points – 150 Credits
  • 70 points – x5 Weapon XP Cards
  • 80 points – Knife – Hazy Light
  • 100 points – Fang Smoke
  • 120 points – AK-47 – Cityscape

All of the above tasks can be completed randomly. This means players can select any of the tasks and complete them without following any order. Whenever a task is completed, the points will be up for collection.

However, keep in mind to tackle them before the 27th of January before the event ends. The rewards will no more be available for redemption post that. In addition, take a look at the official patch notes for Season 1 here.

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