COD Mobile Mini-Update (Today, March 18): Patch Notes And Performance Changes Explained

Here are the complete patch notes for COD Mobile's March 18 update.

By Shivam Gulati

March 18, 2021

Today(March 18), Call of Duty Mobile released a mini-update of 48MB to implement some weapons’ performance changes. Following the update, players started noticing small balance changes in AS VAL, QQ9, and Man-O-War. Other than that, the mini-update also introduced some accessories adjustments.

While the developers didn’t officially release the patch notes for the small update, we managed to find all the new changes post Call of Duty Mobile March 18 update.

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COD Mobile March 18 Mini-Update Patch Notes

Thanks to codmINTEL on Twitter, we know that the COD Mobile update significantly improved the recoil, range, and accuracy of AS-VAL, QQ9, and Man-O-War. Here are the complete details:


  • Improved Bullet speed
  • Optimized recoil force of the firearm and enhanced stability.
  • Improved the range
  • Lowered the firearm and raised it
  • Adjusted the magnification of the position
  • Increased the emission of bullets fired from the waist of the firearm


  • Improved the range
  • Improved the accuracy and recoil control of waist and mirror shooting
  • Removed the damage attenuation of the arm
  • Increased the tactical reload speed to 2.3s, the empty warehouse reload speed to 2.7s.
  • Increased the movement speed
  • Increased the speed of lifting the mirror


  • Reduce the accuracy of waist shot emission

Accessory Adjustments

[Integrated Silencer]

  • Removed the negative effect of reducing the speed of lifting the mirror
  • Except for submachines and shotguns, increased the opening time by 7%
  • The time of lifting the mirror adjusted by +12%

[Huge Silencer]

  • Removed the vertical recoil control gain
  • Increase the opening time by +16%
  • The mirror lift time adjusted by +22%

[Man-O-War short barrel of light fittings MIP]

  • Increased the speed: +2%-3% adjusted to the moving speed
  • Increased the opening time of the mirror: 10%-5% of the time was adjusted to give mirror time
  • Increased vertical recoil control: +6% vertical recoil adjusted to +7.8% vertical recoil

These are all the changes that have arrived in COD Mobile with today’s March 18 mini-update. You might have felt these changes in the weapons yourself, but now you know what exactly is changed after the update. Honestly, it’s great that the developers are putting more effort into weapons’ balance changes – the AS VAL’s recoil does feel great after the latest update. However, it’s unfortunate that devs still aren’t doing what’s more important; improving the game’s performance on mid-range devices.

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