COD Mobile Season 2 Patch Notes - Shipment map, AS-VAL and Tank Battle

A lot of change is coming from Modern Warfare.

March 8, 2021

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 is just around the corner and will get released in a few days. The update will add a bunch of new maps, modes, weapons, and more to the game. Activision has been releasing teasers from the past couple of weeks, announcing various features of COD Mobile Season 2, and finally, the complete patch notes have also been released. The patch update will release without the servers being taken down for maintenance and will be available to download for Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Here is everything revealed in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 Patch Notes.

COD Mobile Season 2 Patch Notes

New Ranked Season

Call of Duty: New Ranked Season for Mobile runs from March to May 2021.​


New Season Reward

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  • New Epic Design: QXR-Roaring Steel
  • New Epic Soldier: Kruger-Burst Steel​​

New Event Reward

  • New weapon SP-R 208: This is a bolt action-designated shooter rifle in Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 with relatively high damage and mobility. Equipping a special attachment, Bolt, increases the weapon’s accuracy and range but decreases the reload speed.
  • New Puck Recon: When an enemy is defeated, the surrounding enemy is scanned and displayed on the mini-map.​​


New Map – Shoot House

  • Modern Warfare’s popular map has finally been released on Call of Duty: Mobile! The map consists of a military training ground located in the middle of the desert, including a classic 3-path design. Engage in intense battles with the best strategy!
  • This map in COD Mobile Season 2 can be used in team deathmatch, occupation war, main base, confirmation kill, etc.

Shipment – Modern

  • Call of Duty, a classic map of the Modern Warfare series: Shipment map has been renovated, and the World War II style shipment port has been reborn in a modern style. Fight fierce battles between containers while paying attention to the threats overhead!
  • It can be used in team deathmatch, occupation war, main base, confirmation kill, etc.​

New Mode-Sniper Shootout

  • Use only the sniper rifles obtained in the game to annihilate or capture targets. Kilovolt Action, SKS, and NA-45 are also available in mods.
  • Can be used in cages, loading docks, coniferous forests, and princes.​

New loadout function

  • Outline of the design: You can select and change a pattern conveniently by clicking the outline icon in the loadout.
  • Recently acquired items: The notification dismissal icon displays all recently acquired items by the player, including weapons, attachments, soldiers, and camouflage.
  • Available designs: You can check the newly available designs in the loadout.​​

Battle Royale

New Mode-Tank Battle

  • Collect five parts to assemble a tank to fight enemies! Tanks can be assembled with designs that can be obtained from supplies, allowing more operators to fight with tanks!
  • Tank parts: chassis, engine parts, armor parts, main weapon parts, auxiliary weapon parts
  • Anti-tank weapons: delayed bullets, melee mines, anti-tank sticky bullets
  • You can acquire anti-tank sniper rifles and anti-tank war machines to attack tanks.
  • Tank repair tool: welding gun
  • Tank Design: You can create a tank by acquiring three types of tank designs from aerial supplies.

New Vehicle-Cargo Truck

  • The truck has only the driver’s seat and the passenger’s seat, but the vehicle can accommodate operators who can move freely. The acceleration is low, but the durability is high, and the occupants are adequately protected!​

New custom air supply weapon

  • Pistols can be set for custom air supply weapons.​

Weapon list update

  • General: AK117 / SKS / M4 light machine gun / GKS
  • Advanced: AK47 / Man-O-War / M21 EBR / Chopper / RUS-74U / BY15 / KRM-262
  • Rare: AK117 / BK57 / FR. 556 / HVK-30 / Peacekeeper MK2 / AS VAL / LOCUS / SP-R 208 / M4 Light Machine Gun / Razorback / QQ9 / QXR / KRM-262
  • Epic: Type25 / ICR-1 / DR-H / BK57 / KN-44 / AS VAL / Man-O-War / Peacekeeper MK2 / HVK-30 / DL Q33 / SKS / Chopper / RUS-74U / GKS / QQ9
  • Legend: M4 / Man-O-War / AS VAL / HVK-30 / SP-R 208 / M4 Light Machine Gun / QXR / GKS​​

Improvements and optimizations​ in COD Mobile Season 2


  • Increased vertical recoil control of the OWC Designated Shooter Rifle Barrel Attachment for MSMC.
  • Aiming shot time reduction for YKM combat butt attachments for S36, UL736, RPD, and M4 light machine guns has been increased.
  • The negative effect of the OWC Designated Shooter Rifle Barrel Attachment for HBRa3 has been reduced in COD Mobile Season 2.
  • DL Q33’s damage is increased to 90, and wall penetration damage is increased.
  • Aim shot time reduction for DR-H without buttboard attachments has been increased.
  • Screen shake is reduced when an attachment without butt plate for DR-H is hit.
  • The accuracy of the ICR-1 no butt plate attachment and the KRM battle butt plate attachment has been slightly reduced.
  • Screen shake slightly increases when an attachment without butt plate for ASM10 is hit.
  • Arctic. Reduces the damage multiplier for the legs of 50 wall penetration damage and MIP blocking magazine attachments. Lethality is now reduced when hitting a leg through a wall.
  • Arctic. 50’s Intercept Shot ammo capacity reduced from 20 to 15 and max capacity reduced from 40 to 30. Aiming shot time increased from 12% to 30%, and firing interval increased from 40% to 50%.
  • War machine explosion radius has been reduced.
  • War Machine damage reduction effect has been reduced.
  • The damage range of Gravity Spike has been reduced.
  • The Annihilator’s damage to Stealth Helicopters, XS1 Goliath, VTOL, Shield Turrets, and Transform Shields has been slightly reduced.
  • Soldiers with Dead Silence Puck no longer hear their footsteps, and their audible range of running is reduced.
  • You can jump while moving along the wall.
  • Optimized speed control when moving next to a wall/obstacle.
  • Optimized the player’s hitbox when switching between standing, sitting, and prone positions.
  • Increases the number of frames per second for the character. Enemy movements and movements are improved more precisely and smoothly.
  • Optimized sound effects for various locations so that players can more accurately locate enemies.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause players to get stuck when passing through a window sill.
  • Fixed an issue that caused soldiers to get stuck for a while when crossing the shortcut next to the laundry in the raid.
  • Fixed a crash error in some specific scenes in Takeoff.
  • Fixed a crash error in certain scenes in Tunisia.​

Battle Royale

  • Accuracy of aiming shots of all weapons has been increased.
  • Increased horizontal recoil control for all weapons.
  • Popular weapons such as AK-47 and AK117 have a lower control gain than other weapons.
  • The target designation time of FHJ-18 is changed to 1 second.
  • FHJ-18’s projectile firing speed is reduced to 110m/s and accelerates to maximum speed after firing.
  • The accuracy rate of sub-machine guns and shotguns is greatly increased.
  • Sniper rifle recoil control is greatly increased.
  • Tempest damage and damage radius increase.
  • Annihilator’s range has been increased, and enemies can now be eliminated with 2 shots at any distance.
  • Increased projectile distance for all killing and tactical weapons.
  • When the cluster bomb sticks to an object, a warning is displayed, and the direction of the bomb is displayed on the screen.
  • Discarded firearms no longer display remaining ammunition.
  • Wingsuit landing behavior has been optimized.
  • Optimized server tick rate.
  • Optimized the player’s hitbox when switching between standing, sitting, and prone positions.
  • The number of frames per second of the character increases and the enemy’s movement is improved more precisely and smoothly.
  • Optimized sound effects for various locations so that players can more accurately locate enemies.​

Game mode optimization

Radio silence 

  • The battery limit function has been added to the night sight equipment, but the undead of the night attack is an exception.
  • EMP can temporarily paralyze night vision equipment.
  • Scorestreak items and thrown mines now display team colors even with night sights turned on.
  • Fixed an issue where the visual effects of weapon design and firing effects were overexposed when the night sight equipment was turned on.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the scorestreak control touch screen to appear blurry when turning on the night sight equipment.
  • Optimized lighting for related maps.

Main base 

  • A new scoring rule called Continuous Control has been added to the main bases. Soldiers who continue to occupy key points receive additional points.
  • Fixed an issue where soldiers were spawned too far from the target.

Prop Hunt 

  • A new map of Tunisia is available.​

Ranked Match


  • Optimized the algorithm for evaluating a player’s combat power and ability at all ranks, including legendary ranks. Legendary players with a score of around 6500 are less often matched with legendary players with very high scores.
  • Optimized the UI of the ranking lobby.

Battle Royale 

  • Optimized the rank point calculation algorithm. As a whole, players can earn more Rank Points in the new season.

Note: The patch notes might contain errors as these are translated from Korea.

Call of Duty: Mobile Season 2 update is called the Day of Reckoning and is the biggest update after Activision refreshed the season order in 2021. The new maps from Modern Warfare will offer fast-paced gameplay because of their small size, and the newly added weapons will help players tackle the enemies with their deadly power.

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