Call of Duty: Mobile Gets Brand New Trailer as Beta Begins on Android

Call of Duty: Mobile Gets Brand New Trailer as Beta Begins on Android

After being announced back in March, the Call of Duty: Mobile beta is finally live in select countries and we have a new trailer to celebrate.

A couple of months back, Activision announced a brand new Call of Duty made for mobile platforms (creatively titled Call of Duty: Mobile), which is essentially a port of the previously Chinese-only game Call of Duty: Online. Back when the game was originally announced, it was also revealed that game would be getting a beta sometime this summer and it seems like its finally gone live.

While details about which countries are a part of soft-launch and, more importantly, how the game functions are scarce as of the time of this writing, Activision did say that they are doing smaller regional tests throughout the summer, so it hasn’t gone live in your country yet, don’t fret. It’ll more than likely go live soon.

To celebrate the launch of the beta in certain regions, Activision and Tencent released a brand new trailer for the game. While short, it gives players a new and fresh look at the game, while also showing off the things to come down the line when it officially releases similar to the original announcement trailer. Like always, you can check it out at the end of the article.

For those that don’t know, Call of Duty: Mobile (and by extension Call of Duty: Online) combine certain aspects of all sorts of COD games and mashes them all into one title. As originally mentioned, the game was first released as a Chinese only game on the PC years ago, before finally making its worldwide release exclusively on mobile (at least for now).

Call of Duty: Mobile is set to be available on iOS and Android devices sometime later this year.