Power of Mechs Shown in Code 51: Mech Arena Trailers

Power of Mechs Shown in Code 51: Mech Arena Trailers

Code 51: Mech Arena will let players fight using a variety of mechs when the game is released on April 24th for PlayStation VR.

This week, Chinese publisher DeerVR has been busy posting videos and tweeting about Code 51: Mech Arena, a VR game that puts players in giant mech suits for battle.  The title will be released on PlayStation VR on Tuesday, April 24th.

DeerVR posted three videos that show some of the mechs available in action.  The first one shows the heavy sniper mech Eskimo.  While it may be slow in speed, it can deal a tremendous amount of damage with its railguns and homing missiles.  The second video shows the main combat mech Ranger. Along with its armor-piercing guns, this one uses sonar and advanced levitation ability to track down enemies. The last video shows the aerial assault mech Loong. It can hover in the air while using a smoke generator and high-velocity rockets to attack out of nowhere.

The game takes place in the year 2040. World War III has depleted most food and energy resources, and humanity is desperate.  After uniting to find a new energy source, mankind discovers a mysterious energy substance called Code 51. From this, mechs were made, and warlords and factions soon follow suit in a bid for power.  Players find themselves in the cockpit of these mechs fighting in the wasteland that is left over.

Code 51: Mech Arena will be available for PlayStation VR on April 24th.  You can check out the three videos of some of the different mechs available in the game below.