New JRPG Code Vein’s First Screenshots Revealed by Bandai Namco on Famitsu; Looks Glorious

on April 19, 2017 12:53 PM

In this week’s issue of Weekly Famitsu, Bandai Namco revealed some screenshots and information on their upcoming JRPG Code Vein, coming to unannounced platforms in 2018.

In case you missed it, the game was teased last week with a short animated trailer simultaneously across North America, Europe, and Japan.

In the issue, the game is revealed to be a dungeon exploration RPG set in a post apocalyptic future. Players will play as vampires called Revenants who all possess special supernatural abilities.

Like all vampires, Revenants need blood to survive, if one is short on it they will likely turn into a monster called a “Lost”. Once turned into a Revenant, the person┬áhas transcended humanity, but also lost their memory of their human life.

The developers are a separate group of the God Eater team aiming to take on new challenges. The game will allow the option to take a partner into the dungeon which will make the more difficult encounters easier.

Notable staff members include:

  • Producer: Keita Iizuka
  • Director: Hiroshi Yoshimura
  • Project Team Leader: Yusuke Tomizawa

Additionally, Code Vein is being developed in Unreal Engine 4 and is planned for a worldwide release. Currently, the game is said to be 35 percent complete, with a full gameplay trailer coming in May, but more information about the game will be delivered on April 20.

You can check out the new screenshots below:

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