Code Vein Development Moving Forward For 2019 Release, Network Test Announced

Code Vein got multiple new gameplay videos; Staff interview explains why the game was delayed, how its gameplay evolved.

Bandai Namco finally revealed more on Code Vein, the dark action RPG by God Eater’s core staff. The game was supposed to launch back in September 2018 but got indefinitely delayed to 2019.

First off, Bandai Namco confirmed that Code Vein‘s development is going smoothly, and the game will definitely launch in 2019.

Next, a Closed Network Test was announced and will start near the end of May. The Closed Network Test will let players create their own character, play the beginning of Code Vein and try out an online co-op dungeon. The registration page has been opened.

Bandai Namco recently organized a Code Vein hands-on event for Japanese media. Journalists could play the overall same build which will be playable during the Network Test. Multiple Japanese news sites such as Famitsu and Dengeki Online published gameplay videos, you can find them below.

Bandai Namco also published an interview of Code Vein‘s Director Hiroshi Yoshimura, and Producer Yuichi Yoda, explaining why the game was delayed for so long, and what was changed.

According to Director Yoshimura, Bandai Namco was initially confident in Code Vein‘s quality, hence why the September 2018 release was announced. However, as development progressed and while listening to players’ feedback, the team realized they could do much more with Code Vein. The team then decided to delay the game.

Multiple changes were made to Code Vein during its extended development time. The Blood Code system, which is basically Code Vein‘s class system, was completely reworked. Players will now be able to freely change their Blood Code, or reset them to change their build. This change triggered other bigger changes in the game to rebalance everything, like the placement of enemies.

Leveling up Blood Codes also unlock active and passive abilities. A character can have 8 active abilities and 4 passive abilities equipped at a time. Yoshimura stated that properly selecting your Blood Code and these abilities are the core aspects of Code Vein.

Players start with 3 Blood Codes: Fighter, which focuses on close combat. Ranger, which focuses on long range, and Caster, which focuses on magic. These three Blood Codes will be in the Network Test as well. In the final game, certain Blood Codes will be obtained automatically as you progress in the story, while some will require players to unlock them through other means.

Lastly, Yoshimura revealed that Bandai Namco didn’t decide on how long the Network Test will last, and it might get extended depending on players’ feedback.

Code Vein will launch in 2019 on PC via Steam, Xbox One, and PS4.

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