Coffee Noir Wakes up Your Detective and Business Skills on PC

Coffee Noir Wakes up Your Detective and Business Skills on PC

Polish based Doji Entertainment recently released a game called Coffee Noir through their website. The interactive novel combines crime solving with a business ‘tycoon’ style of gameplay. Talking to witnesses and suspects are there to help you learn skills that you can transfer to the real world.

The story focuses on the disappearance of Richard Kersey, and you play as a trench coat wearing detective one cigarette away from a film noir. Stylistically the game borrows from the art of American comic books while focusing on the mystery and wit of Agatha Christie novels.

The team have tried to make this a somewhat educational title without having to rely on the tropes of that genre. The business skills are tied into the tycoon portion of gameplay where you need to manage your properties. As the designers state in their press release:

“Coffee Noir is also an unique and efficient training tool. During the gameplay player can improve skills such as, among others, negotiation, effective selling, business relations, company management, team management. Thanks to numerous conversations with 11 game characters, player has the opportunity to practice new skills.”

The game can be purchased from Doji’s official site for $14.90 USD. The approach to this title is unique with snappy dialogue, a interesting mystery, and graphs that don’t make you want to fall asleep. Even though it gets close to the detested ‘e’ word (‘edutainment), the combination of narrative, art style, and gameplay are definitely unique enough to pull it above the others.

You can check out a playthrough demo here: