Coffee Stain Studios Shows Off Satisfactory, Their Factory-Building New Title

Satisfactory was the opening title shown off at the PC conference during E3, and it has a lot of creative building and harvesting materials.

The PC conference for E3 2018 kicked off by showing first Coffee Stain Studios’ new game with a lot of building and customizing, and it is called Satisfactory. Taking place on an alien planet, players must collect resources to help them gather better and more valuable resources for a more refined building product.

What is Satisfactory all about? “It’s about building huge automated factories”, as explained on stage. Producing resources is important and it is your job to build the factories to refine them. From there you continue to build more structures to help you refine more advanced products into even greater items. The game seems to require some creativity to allow for a maximum amount of raw product you can collect.

A closed alpha for Satisfactory is available if you apply at Want to see the trailer shown at the PC conference at E3? Then click on that button right below. If you want to see the whole PC show, we have a recording for that as well.

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