Cold Iron Studios - Who's Behind the Newly Announced Aliens: Fireteam?

It's not game over man! Aliens: Fireteam is coming out soon!

Today the most recent entry in the Aliens game franchise was finally given a release date. Aliens: Fireteam is a three-player co-op shooter in the same vein as Left 4 Dead or the upcoming Back 4 Blood and is scheduled to be coming out in the summer of this year. Cold Iron Studios are the developers behind Aliens: Fireteam, but up until today, I hadn’t heard of them. Let’s take a look.

Past Games

Aliens: Fireteam is Cold Iron’s first game. Despite being around since 2015, this will be their first release. You can hardly blame them though as their Silicon Valley-based team is relatively small when compared to other studios. According to their Facebook page, the studio started as just three “industry veterans with a goal of creating games they want to play and building a team they love working with. Since then, the team has expanded to 20+ awesome developers.” Members of their team has previously worked on games like City of HeroesStar Trek Online, and Neverwinter.

History of Acquisition

Cold Iron’s journey to getting their Alien game made and published has been a long one. Since 2018, three years after the studio’s creation, they have been passed around to a handful of different owners. After Kabam split in 2018, FoxNext Games took the company. Once Fox was purchased by Disney in the following year, FoxNext Games was then under Disney’s management. After the Fox-Disney merger, Disney sold FoxNext Games to mobile game publisher Scopely in 2020. Scopely shopped Cold Iron and its Aliens game around until August 2020 when Daybreak Games purchased the company.

Aliens: Fireteam is set to come out this summer for PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X | S, Playstation 4, and Playstation 5.

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Peter Hunt Szpytek

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