New Death Machine In Cold War - Fire Rate, Damage, And How To Get It

The Death Machine appears to be incredibly powerful!

Cold War has introduced the Death Machine in its latest update. There were a lot of changes in today’s (February 24) update in preparation for Season Two which launches in less than twenty-four hours, but one of the big changes was the introduction of the Death Machine. You can get a sneak peek of the Death Machine in the Season Two gameplay trailer below. Or jump in yourself as the Death Machine is available right now in Cold War!

Death Machine Stats

Unlike some of the other scorestreaks, the Death Machine will continue counting kills towards your next streak. So you’ll be able to cause absolute chaos whilst continuing your streak progression.

Let’s run through some of the stats behind the new Death Machine:

  • 200 Bullets
  • 2,000 RPM
  • 6 Seconds to empty the whole clip
  • 30 damage per bullet to the body
  • 72 damage per bullet to the head
  • 34ms rev-up time

The new scorestreak is the fastest firing weapon in Cold War and does a great amount of damage, especially with headshots. There’s no aim down sight on the Death Machine, but with a small rev-up time before firing, it’s possible to get killed in that short time. So, I’d recommend keeping these gunfights between a medium and long-range.

I also wouldn’t waste your time trying to take down enemy streaks such as helicopters or UAV’s with the Death Machine, it doesn’t do much damage to them.

How To Obtain The Death Machine

The Death Machine is a scorestreak that can be used in any multiplayer game mode in Black Ops Cold War.

The scorestreak costs two thousand two hundred points to use, or an eight kill streak if you’re playing a game mode like Team Death Match.

Best Way To Use The Death Machine

The scorestreak can be used however and wherever you like! But if you want the DualShockers recommendation, we found the new Death Machine is best used on smaller maps like Nuketown. We’d also recommend pairing this streak with the War Machine for ultimate carnage. Maybe mute the lobby beforehand though, you might get given some hate for this setup.

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