Cold War: Mauer Der Toten - How To Get Klaus Hands & All Parts (Locations)

Here's how to build Klaus!

By Kyle Knight

July 15, 2021

Mauer Der Toten has finally arrived in Cold War Zombies. Although the main quest easter egg is yet to go live on the new map, there plenty of objectives for players to complete. Most notably, getting ahold of all of the parts to build Klaus, with his hands being the most tricky part to locate.

If you’re struggling to find the Klaus Hands and the remaining parts, then here’s everything you need to know to build the new Zombies robot.

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Mauer Der Toten Trailer | Season Four | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War – Zombies

Mauer Der Toten Trailer | Season Four | Call of Duty®: Black Ops Cold War – Zombies

Cold War Zombies – Mauer Der Toten

Mauer Der Toten was one of the most anticipated Zombies maps in the Black Ops Cold War. The new map was officially released in the Season 4 Reloaded update on July 15th and is set in East Berlin, Germany.

The events of Mauer Der Toten take place at a checkpoint near the Berlin Wall following a zombie invasion. Not only does the new map feature a brand new Wonder Weapon, but there’s also the return of the Mule Kick perk which was originally introduced in Black Ops.

Cold War’s latest Zombies map is free for everyone to play right now.

How To Get Klaus Hands & All Parts

Klaus is a new robot buddy available in the Mauer Der Toten map, but he needs to be built before he can assist you. Here’s the location of all the parts for Klaus, including his hands.

  • Part #1 = There are small debris piles around the watch towers, interact with the debris until the Satellite Dish appears. The dish spawns randomly from these debris piles and is located at a different one each game.
  • Part #2 = To get Klaus Hands, head to Hotel Room 305 at the end of a corridor. You’ll notice a barricaded door that you are unable to access, use the Zombie Brain Rot perk on your gun to shoot a zombie and it will then begin breaking down the barricade. A pair of Robotic Hands will then be found on the bed around the neck of a dead zombie.
  • Part #3 = For the final part, players must reach round 10 and defeat the panzer zombie which spawns. This zombie type will only spawn every 10 rounds and once defeated, will drop the Battery, the final part for Klaus.

To complete the process of building Klaus, players will need to head to the Garment Factory and install the Satellite Dish. After this step is completed, head down into the Maintenance Tunnels to find Klaus and place the parts on him to bring him alive.

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