Next Black Ops Cold War Zombies Map Revealed, is Set in Vietnam

Next Black Ops Cold War Zombies Map Revealed, is Set in Vietnam

The Zombies universe continues to grow.

While the latest entry in the Call of Duty franchise was a mixed bag, it did one thing exceptionally well: zombies. Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War has a wonderful Zombies mode, one that sets itself apart from the rest even with just one map. Thankfully, players will have some options with where they want to mow down the undead soon. The second Zombies map for Black Ops Cold War is coming out next month and will take players to a gory version of Vietnam.

The new map, named Firebase Z, was shown off in a trailer yesterday. The trailer touches on some story elements in the Zombies timeline, but that’s certainly not the focus. The trailer quickly shifts its attention to players cutting the undead down to size. From the few glimpses we get of it, the Vietnam section of Firebase Z is fairly open, with a lot of verticalities. The focus point of the map is a large purple portal, something that players will inevitably have to try to power on before using.

After jumping through the gate, players are sent to a new area that looks more like a military base. It sports large concrete buildings and satellite dishes, as well as other, more powerful zombies. One, sporting a blue, glowing maw and tentacles that sprout out of its back looks more like a Demogorgon than a zombie. There are also heavily armored zombies that can fire projectiles that will likely act the same as the previous map’s Megaton zombies. Finally, there is one last creature that stands hundreds of feet tall. I can’t say if it’s a zombie or something else, but it’s going to take a lot of bullets to put the thing down.

A key aspect of any new zombies map is the addition of new wonder weapons, and the trailer offers a peek at just one. It looks like a modified AK-47 with an under-barrel grenade launcher. Except, instead of launching grenades, the gun fires off purple balls of energy. Once shot, they explode in a massive radius, damaging any zombies unfortunate enough to be around it.

There’s certainly more to Firebase Z than what’s been shown so far. Players will just have to wait until the map launches for free on February 4 to discover all its secrets.