Cold War Update Today (May 21) - Patch Notes, Double XP Weekend, Baseball Bat

Here are the patch notes of the latest Cold War update.

After the arrival of Season 3 Reloaded update in Cold War and Warzone, fans have got a lot of new stuff to try out in the game. However, that’s not all. The developers have released another update today, which adds more stuff to Cold War.

Cold War has received a new update today which restores Multi-Team Elimination & Moshpit and brings back the double XP weekend. Here are the complete patch notes.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Season Three Onslaught Trailer | PS5, PS4

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War – Season Three Onslaught Trailer | PS5, PS4

Cold War Update Today (May 21) – Patch Notes, Double XP Weekend


Welcome to Season Three Reloaded! We hope everyone’s enjoying all the new maps, modes, and ‘80s action packed into this latest update.

We’ve made a handful of improvements and fixes since the mid-season update kicked off this week, including the restoration of our Multi-Team Elimination and Multi-Team Moshpit modes after sorting out some performance issues. See below for the full of other additions, including the option to enable the hit marker and headshot sounds from Black Ops 4 in Audio settings (one of our personal favorites).

For those wondering how to earn the new limited-time Medals you might have seen popping up in your feed in Multiplayer and Zombies, we’ve got the full list in the notes below! If you’re going for every event reward by completing all 18 challenges during the ‘80s Action Heroes event, be sure to get familiar and collect ‘em all.


As we mentioned in our Season Three Reloaded blog, the Prestige Shop has some new Legacy Calling Cards on offer from previous Black Ops games, and now’s your chance to unlock them twice as fast during 2XP Weekend! Double your Prestige earn rate now through 10AM PT Monday, May 24th in Black Ops Cold War and Warzone. We’ll see you out there.

And last but not least…


If you’ve been looking to crack some skulls with a new melee weapon, look no further than the Baseball Bat arriving in Black Ops Cold War starting tomorrow! Players can unlock this bad boy via an in-game challenge in Multiplayer and Zombies, or as a super-menacing Weapon Blueprint in a new Store bundle.

After that, our sixth new weapon of Season Three is up next as the AMP63 machine pistol comes to both Black Ops Cold War and Warzone later in the season.

Here’s what’s new since our latest game update:



  • Added new Medals for the ‘80s Action Heroes event:
    • Have a Blast!
      • Multiplayer: Killed an enemy with an explosion.
      • Zombies: Killed 3 or more enemies rapidly with explosives.
    • This is Personal
      • Multiplayer: Killed an enemy with a Melee weapon.
      • Zombies: Killed 7 or more enemies rapidly with a Melee weapon.
    • Fully Loaded
      • Multiplayer: Killed two or more enemies rapidly with an automatic weapon without reloading.
      • Zombies: Killed 10 or more enemies rapidly with an automatic weapon without reloading.
        • Addressed an issue where the “Fully Loaded” Medal previously displayed as “Become War” in Zombies.
    • Light ‘Em Up
      • Multiplayer: Killed an enemy with the Death Machine.
      • Zombies: Killed 5 or more enemies rapidly with the Death Machine.
    • Chopped Up
      • Multiplayer: Killed an enemy with a Tomahawk.
      • Zombies: Killed 3 or more enemies rapidly with a Tomahawk.
    • First Blood
      • Multiplayer: Got the first kill in a match.
      • Zombies: Got the first kill in a match.


  • Addressed an issue where Weapon Unlock Challenges for Zombies could display in Create-a-Class in Multiplayer.
  • Updated the description for the ‘80s Action Heroes event challenge “A War You Won’t Believe”.


  • Custom Mods can now be applied to Dual Wield weapons in Create-a-Class.
  • Updated the weapon model for the “Black Inknife” Blueprint.


  • Added Classic hit marker and headshot sound option in Audio settings.


  • Restored the Random Operator option in the Operator selection menu.



  • Multi-Team
    • Restored Multi-Team Elimination and Moshpit after addressing performance issues.
  • Prop Hunt
    • Removed Slope option to prevent exploitable behavior.



  • Ray Gun
    • Restored standard Ray Gun ammo count from 20/60 to 20/80. Pack-a-Punched amount count will be increased in an upcoming update.
  • Custom Mods
    • Addressed an issue that could cause the Custom Mods menu to be blank after Pack-a-Punching weapons.

Ammo Mods

  • Dead Wire
    • Updated Dead Wire Tier V Ammo Mod to kill any normal zombies stunned that it stuns.


  • Addressed an issue where player names could appear during Main Quest cutscenes.


  • Stability
    • Fixed stability issues that could occur when players transitioned regions or left a match while in an upgrade menu.


  • Stability
    • Fixed a crash that occurred when unlocking the Challenge Weapon Blueprint in the new Mystery Munitions limited-time mode.
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