Collection of Mana Trademarked by Square Enix in Europe

A Collection of Mana trademark by Square Enix suggests that another Mana game, possibly a collection, may be on its way to console.

Today Square Enix filed a trademark for “Collection of Mana” in Europe. This is not the first time that Square Enix has filed this trademark as they did the same thing for Japan earlier in the year. This is an interesting trademark as the Mana series has made a return in recent years.

Square Enix announced an unexpected remake of Secret of Mana back in August of 2017 and later released in February of 2018. The original Secret of Mana released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System back in 1993 and is still to this day considered one of the best JRPGs of all time. While it was cool to see such a beloved game get a full-fledged remake out of the blue, it did not meet many players ‘expectations. It reviewed well overall, but it lacked enough polish to the point where it just wasn’t what most people wanted out of the game.

On can only speculate after seeing Square Enix trademark Collection of Mana that it is possible that we could see the original games from the Mana series make their way to consoles. With this trademark happening mere days before Square Enix’s E3 Conference, I hope to see this game at that show. While it is not out of the question that this collection (if it does come to fruition) could come to multiple consoles, personally a Nintendo Switch feels like the safest bet for the platform to release on as Sony is not attending E3 this year and Microsoft having a weak history with the genre.

It is also possible that they wanted this trademark just in case they wanted to make a collection at another point in the future, there’s really no telling as of right now. If this news does interest you I would keep a sharp eye on the Square Enix E3 Conference that takes place Monday, June 10 at 6pm PST. Be sure to check in here too as we update with all the E3 coverage.

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