Color Palette: Dreamers Launch Trailer Looks for the Perfect Mix on iOS and Android

Color Palette: Dreamers Launch Trailer Looks for the Perfect Mix on iOS and Android

Korean studio AtelierSoft have brought their award winning game Color Palette: Dreamers to the West. The story driven puzzle game recently released on the iOS and Android stores and retails for $0.99 USD and $2.63 USD respectively. The Apple version is compatible with both an iPhone and the iPad.

The game features PiPi, an artist struggling to find her way in the world. What she lacks is inspiration for her art, so the only obvious solution is to go out into the world to find it. Her journey will be filled with new characters she meets along the way who will help her seek out the motivation she needs. This is especially important since her mother, a famous painter, refuses to see the talent hidden underneath PiPi’s amateurish work.

But it will be mainly through solving puzzles where she’ll find the most inspiration for her brush. Gameplay features dragging blues, reds, and plenty of other parts of the rainbow across a checkered canvas. In certain squares are light-bulbs which match the colors on the playing field. You’ll need to drag matching hues to their respective bulb to get PiPi her inspiration.

The amount of moves you make to get a color to its home will effect your overall rating for a level. The less moves, the more stars (or bulbs) you get at the end of a stage, the higher your rating. Later puzzles with multiple paths, hues, and palette mixing will take multiple tries to figure out the best route for the coveted three light-bulb rating.

The game also contains the following features:

  • Enjoy over 200 stages of puzzles as she seeks for inspiration.
  • Over 50 cut scenes containing sentimental stories of PiPi and her friends!
  • High definition illustration and animation pleasing to the eye.
  • Befriend 9 unique characters and travel together with them!

The art for this app looks great and the gameplay looks like it will hit that nice blend of deceiving simplicity with things getting really complicated later on. I can definitely see PiPi finding the inspiration she needs with Color Palette: Dreamers. 

The launch trailer is available below: