Colorful Platformer Ink Coming to PS4 and Xbox One: Trailer Released

Colorful Platformer Ink Coming to PS4 and Xbox One: Trailer Released

Zack Bell Games is bringing its 'splatformer' to Xbox One and PS4 later this September and will have Super Meat Boy hijinks with a bit of a neon mess.

With a vibrant genre description like ‘splatformer’, it’s hard not to pay attention to Zack Bell Games’ latest title. Luckily a press release from Digerati Distribution illuminated some details about the 2D singe screen action game which originally launched on PC in August of 2015. Now consoles will be able to join in the squishy rainbow adventure in late September with the PS4 version coming out on the 19th (2oth in Europe) and the Xbox One version coming on the 22nd.

The devs equate Ink with Super Meat Boy in terms of difficulty and gameplay. One of the major differences here is the huge explosion of neon-colored goo that paints each level from successful jumps, kills, and deaths. This is actually a core component of the game as these splatters uncover hidden platforms that usually are integral to finishing the stage.

Other features include:

  • Test your skills across 75 INKgeniously designed levels
  • Splat enemies to open the exit portal
  • Defeat challenging bosses
  • Jump, squish, and die to cover levels in brightly colored paint
  • Tight, responsive controls mean you don’t feel cheated when you die
  • Trophies and Achievements added for PS4 and Xbox One
  • Original soundtrack composed by Vincent Rubinetti
  • Precision platforming make it a perfect challenge for speedrunning

The game will set you back $9.99 USD for the console version. However, Ink is now available to preorder from the Xbox One store with an additional 25% off. The older Steam version is available for $4.99 USD with the Deluxe Edition (with OST and art DLC) for $6.99. You can check out the console launch trailer below: