Come Get All the Ohgon Musoukyoku X Screens You’ll Ever Need, Shiawase!

on April 27, 2011 8:30 PM

Come Get All the Ohgon Musoukyoku X Screens You'll Ever Need, Shiawase!

New screens are available for the highly stylized Japanese indie fighter Ohgon Musoukyoku X: Golden Fantasia X. Sure, you probably couldn’t name five people off the top of your head who’d find this relevant, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t. The screens are of the upcoming enhanced Xbox 360 version of the PC title.

Of special note, you get to check out the character selection screen. Players of the PC version will recognize new additions to the roster. If you’ve never seen it before, don’t you think it’s cool how the character portraits are quite literally portraits? What? You don’t think that’s cool? Screw you. Ohgon Musoukyoku X is due on the Japanese 360 this summer. Don’t bother hitting the break for the hot screens either.


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