Comedic Dating Sim ‘Monster Prom’ Gets Release Date and Gameplay Details

Comedic Dating Sim ‘Monster Prom’ Gets Release Date and Gameplay Details

Monster Prom receives a release date bringing dating sims and monster love together for all.

Those Awesome Guys announced that the Beautiful Glitch developed multiplayer dating sim Monster Prom will launch on PC, Mac, and Linux-via Steam on April 27.

Monster Prom is a unique dating sim that brings up to four players together through comedic and haphazard circumstances between high school monsters. The game’s writing is at the forefront of the game’s comedic approach as players choose from various responses and change the outcome of the story and their chance at monster love.

Throughout the game, players will get to choose their monster persona and alter the game’s narrative through their responses to situations. Through these systems, players will be able to approach 6 different love interest and try their hardest to attempt and get them to go to prom. However, it’s easier said than done becomes some responses don’t pan out the way the player hopes.

The game features a mix of board game and visual novel mechanics as players compete to gain the love of a monster and get a date to the prom. Situations change, but the comedic approach to the game’s story remains present.

You can check out the first gameplay trailer below, which gives a preview of characters and a few of the situations that a player can find themselves in during a playthrough: