Coming Soon to The PlayStation Network, and Early to PlayStation Plus: Comix Zone

on August 7, 2011 2:00 PM

Why yes, it is a slow news day, but that doesn’t matter, because this would get posted anyway.  The PlayStation Blog just announced that PlayStation Plus members will be getting the ever awesome retro game Comix Zone as a free download between August 9th and August 16th.  This is in addition to a free add-on bundle for Crash Commando and another guilty pleasure in a full game trial of Far Cry 2

While I already own Comix Zone, as it was one of the 40 some odd games in Sonic’s Ultimate Genesis Collection, I don’t actually think I would mind having it right there at my finger tips.  Especially if it is free.  The game felt overlooked back when it was released in 1995, but even by today’s standards, it was unique.  You actually fought through a comic book, frame by frame, literally breaking through panels to get to the next part of the stage.  It was also accompanied by some great old school 16 bit music and one of the more, shall we say “unique,” haircuts in gaming history.  Good news for PSN owners this week for sure.


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