Command and Conquer: Rivals Mobile RTS Game Announced with Trailer and Gameplay

Command and Conquer: Rivals was revealed today as an RTS mobile title for Android devices. The reveal trailer launched as well as a gameplay overview.

Today at the EA Play Live Press Conference 2018 EA announced a brand new mobile PvP RTS  game called Command and Conquer: Rivals from Redwood Studios.

Command and Conquer: Rivals teased gameplay during the live stream and shows that it will be a top-down game with vehicles and armed forces that move across the map towards the other player’s team. The goal is to fight in a 1v1 setting for control points situated in the centre of the map. Once control has been taken a missile fires and whichever team lost control gets a hit to the base.

Different forces can be spawned but will cost points to spawn. The different forces spawn at the player’s bases and can then be controlled and directed to specified points on the map and engage in combat. We see infantry and vehicles in action throughout the presentation.

The game will require combinations of factions to succeed, using tanks, aircraft, and behemoths to fight for control. The two armies to choose between are the Global Defense Initiative, and the Brotherhood of Nod. Below we have the official reveal trailer, but also the gameplay overview trailer for Command and Conquer: Rivals

Android seems to be seeing a fair amount of titles coming to the platform, with Life is Strange being announced the other day for pre-registration. Hello Neighbor and Fortnite are a few others.

Command and Conquer Rivals is available today to pre-register on Android devices. Players can do this through Google Play with a possibility of being invited into the pre-alpha. This is the site. Don’t forget, you can catch up with everything that was shown at the EA Play Live Press Conference 2018 by watching the pre-recording.

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