Comment and Win Alan Wake

By Kyle Durant

February 28, 2011

Were you one of the many people who didn’t pick up Alan Wake because of God of War III, Heavy Rain, or whatever despicable reason you can come up with? Well let me tell you that Alan Wake was an amazing, innovative gaming experience. That should stir your soul since a PS3 fanboy just complimented and praised a 360 exclusive game. Well you now have a second chance to get in the good graces of the gaming gods by winning a full game download code to Alan Wake.

Simply comment below on what you think is the best way to use a flashlight in a dark wooded area. Humor is a plus and PLEASE KEEP IT APPROPRIATE. This contest will go on until Saturday 10 pm EST. When that time comes, the winner will be announced and e-mailed or simply mailed a full game code to Alan Wake. THE CODE IS ONLY VALID FOR U.S. 360 USERS. BE SURE TO LEAVE A VALID E-MAIL ADDRESS. BE ADVISED THAT 6.3 GB IS REQUIRED ON YOUR XBOX 360 SYSTEM TO DOWNLOAD THIS CODE.

UPDATE: Congrats to DieselBT. His detailed and sarcastic scenarios were quite humorous. Be sure to check the e-mail you provided in this next couple days for your code!

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