Community Inc’s Release Date Revealed Alongside New Trailer

Community Inc’s Release Date Revealed Alongside New Trailer

Build a community, trade with other communities, and manage your Lings in the upcoming PC and Mac game Community Inc.

Publisher tinyBuild Games and developer T4 Interactive have announced that their new game Community Inc. is making its way to PC and Mac on August 3rd.

For those that don’t know: Community Inc is a city building, Sims-style management game where you step into the shoes of the new manager who is looking to build a community and trade with other races, all in the name of turning a profit. In order to grow your community — you will need to keep it happy, because their happiness powers up portals, which apparently are important.

Your community and workers, “Lings,” will obey your every command and help you with their village, but that doesn’t mean they won’t cause other problems as well, such as burning the village down or starting conflicts with one another. In addition to your Lings-powered community, other creatures will be building their own communities. You can trade with these other communities, help them, or fight them.

You will also have to care for your Lings: providing basic salary, clothes, food, etc. Further, each Ling is said to have unique traits and attributes that you will need to decide how to utilize.

Customizing and crafting also plays a big role in Community Inc. When building and growing your village you will have the freedom of many building options and over 150 items to craft, with each item having a reason. For example, crafting a road makes your Lings walk faster. Craft a cabinet and you can use it store stuff.

The game also boasts a dynamic weather system that has noticeable effects on workers and food, an “unexpected events” feature, randomly generated sandbox maps, and the option to build custom maps.

A price-point has not been divulged; however, a new gameplay trailer has: you can check it out below: