Community Playdate: Killing Floor 2 – Infinite Onslaught

Community Playdate: Killing Floor 2 – Infinite Onslaught

As half our staff is at Pax East this week, let’s wind down with a healthy helping of Killing Floor 2! Feel like joining us to murder specially themed zombies, demons and mutants? Then join us for another DualShockers Community Playdate!

How to Join Us:

What: Killing Floor 2 on PS4
When: Thursday, April 5th at 8:30 pm ET


If you haven’t been back to Killing Floor 2 in a while, make sure that you install the latest update: Infinite Onslaught. The developers have added a brand new “endless mode.” You can learn all about Infinite Onslaught in the trailer below.

For further instructions, stay tuned to our Discord or Twitch channel. If you’re just looking to watch, feel free to join us on the stream. Everyone is welcome!

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