Company Of Heroes 3 - Relic's Ongoing Teaser Could Be A Sequel Or A New DLC

A new announcement is on its way!

Relic Entertainment has been teasing a countdown on its official Twitch account for the past several hours.

For the unacquainted, Relic Entertainment is the studio behind the Company of Heroes series. Judging by the World War 2 related footage that is currently being streamed on the channel, it seems that an announcement will be made for Company of Heroes.

However, players are divided over speculation whether the announcement is going to be about a new game, that is, Company of Heroes 3 or just a new DLC for the existing game.

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Company of Heroes 2: Redefining War Launch Trailer

Company of Heroes 2: Redefining War Launch Trailer

How To Watch Relic’s Ongoing Teaser

For the past several hours, Relic has been streaming grainy footage of the Mediterranean, with occasional flashes of Italy and sounds of World War II artillery strikes in the back.

The stream has a live countdown on it that ends at 10 AM PST | 1 PM ET | 6 PM BST. So we can definitely expect an announcement during that time.

You can watch it live on Relic’s Twitch page.

Is It Going To Be Company of Heroes 3 Or Just A New DLC?

The title of the stream reads ”Landing 07/13/10:00 AM PDT.” According to many fans, it could be a reference to the Allied Invasions of Sicily and Italy in 1943 during WW2.

The footage also contains glimpses of Italy so Relic could be teasing the theme for the new content that’s coming. Given that Italy was a major ground for European forces in WW2 and considering how Relic loves games set during the global conflict; there are high chances that the announcement is going to be about COH.

Now the question remains whether it is going to be a new game, that is, Company of Heroes 3 or merely a new DLC for COH2, based on Italy’s invasion.

It has been 8 years since a new game was launched in the series and 4 years since the last major update via DLC. So this timing is right and holds equal opportunities for both an expansion of the existing game or launching a new game altogether.

Since Relic already has its hands full working Age of Empires 4, it reduces the possibility of a new RTS game a bit. But it is to be noted that the original COH game was quite successful compared to COH2 which didn’t quite hit the spot. So there are chances that instead of continuing the existing game with further DLCs, the studio might be planning a third entry in the form of Company of Heroes 3.

We will be back with more information when Relic makes the announcement. For now, all we can do is wait for the countdown to end.

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