Company Veteran Jim Boone Returns to Volition

Company Veteran Jim Boone Returns to Volition

Boone confirms that Agents of Mayhem underperformed both critically and commercially for Volition, however, the veteran team remains confident it can bounce back with another great product.

Last month, a report surfaced that Volition, the studio popularized by Saints Row and Red Faction, suffered considerable layoffs following the poor sales of its most recent game: Agents of Mayhem. 

However, amidst these difficult times is some good news: long-serving producer Jim Boone has returned to the company as the studio development director.

Boone spent a considerable amount of his life at Volition, notably being there in 1994 when it was still a part of Parallax. At the time, he was working in QA. Consequentally he saw and was a part of Parallax splintering into two teams: Outrage and Volition, not long after.

Boone progressively rose up the ranks of the Illinois-based company as it made headway with Red Faction, and even more so with Saints Row. During these years, Boone was an important figure for the company, serving as one of its public-facing spokespeople.

However, 18 months ago he left the company for a role at Riot Games, the company behind the massive League of Legends. But now, he’s back.

“Man, did I miss the guys,” Boone told GamesIndustry“I go pretty far back with these guys, even on the publishing side. As you can imagine, the kind of relationships that you form with everyone are pretty strong. I missed them. I loved what I was doing when I left. I kept thinking about what the guys were doing, slaving away on Agents of Mayhem… and it felt kind of weird that I wasn’t part of that. So being able to come back, and work with everyone on the next step was pretty exciting for me. It felt like something I couldn’t turn down.”

While also speaking to GamesIndustry, Boone confirmed that both critically and commercially, Agents of Mayhem underperformed, noting though that at this point that’s not a secret.

For more insight into what wrong with Agents of Mayhem, what’s next, the culture of Volition, and more, be sure to check out the full interview linked above.