Competitive Skill Ranking, Banhammer, Commendations, and More Detailed for Halo 5: Guardians

Competitive Skill Ranking, Banhammer, Commendations, and More Detailed for Halo 5: Guardians

A wealth of multiplayer details for Halo 5: Guardian‘s Arena have been released by 343 Industries, covering the new ranking system, how the banhammer will be delivered, and redone medals/commendations.

First the iconography for competitive skill ranking has been released, with the following tiers from least to greatest: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, Diamond, Onyx, and Champion.

The way you earn higher ranks is by winning matches, plain and simple. Once you reach Onyx however, you will no longer be focused on higher ranking, but instead on increasing your overall CSR score, which won’t be shown to you until you reach the Onyx level. Initially you will need to play seven matches in Arena before being placed in a rank. Each month after release will be a season, and participants in each season will receive a special emblem, such as the December season’s emblem seen below. Arena matches will also always begin at the start of a match, so no worries about being dropped randomly into an unfair game already in progress. Additionally, the banhammer will come down on those who quit, betray teammates, idle for too long, perform intentional suicides, and experience too many disconnects from the network.


Commendations and Medals have been reworked, with the reward being additional REQ packs. Medals are also a way to increase your level in Warzone. “Reload This” and “Comeback Kill” have been removed, as they no longer satisfy 343i’s vision for how to reward players in multiplayer. The “Reversal” medal requires you to receive 75% damage from an enemy you have not dealt damage to, and then come back and kill them. Medals now have families that will share a visual style, and the entire list of Commendations and Medals (of which there are a TON) can be viewed over on Halo Waypoint.