PS4 Exclusive RPG Arc of Alchemist Gets a Second Trailer

Compile Heart published the second full-length trailer for PS4 action RPG Arc of Alchemist, showing the game's characters, city management and battles.

Compile Heart released a new trailer for PS4 exclusive action RPG Arc of Alchemist, introducing all characters and showing new gameplay.

The trailer’s narration goes over the game’s setting, which is detailed in the first teaser trailer for the western release.  Everyone’s living a harsh life in the game’s desertic world, and everyone keeps on living, believing that better days will come. However, only despair might await them in the end.

The trailer also introduces the game’s characters, and we see for the first time in motion the game’s city building and crafting features. It seems all boss battles in the game will require a proper strategy, which you can only guess by thinking about all the options at your disposition and by observing the boss battle arena.

You can find the trailer below. Moreover, the game will be playable at an event in Japan on November 24th. You can also watch the previous trailer, which explains the battle system, based on elemental weaknesses.

Arc of Alchemist will launch for PS4 on February 7th in Japan. The game will release in the west in “Summer 2019”. The English version will include both English and Japanese voiceovers. Arc of Alchemist is one of the latest Galapagos RPGs by Compile Heart, along with Death end re;Quest and Dragon Star Varnir, which are coming west too.

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