Compile Heart Teases New Game With a Tsundere Golden Egg

Compile Heart uses a Tsundere golden egg to tease a new game that should be revealed soon.

on June 5, 2017 12:14 AM

Today Compile Heart opened a teaser website titled “Golden Egg “Tsun Tsun” Starter” for a new game.

The webpage prompts users to interact with the egg with a set of different tools depending on an hint provided by the egg itself. If you get it right, the click will count towards unveiling a “heroine.” If you don’t, the counter under the tool used, indicating the number of mistakes will grow.

The reveal seems to be determined by user action (the first crack appeared on the egg as I was playing with it), so the heroine may be revealed soon enough.

Incidentally, “tsun tsun” is an onomatopoeia that indicates a “tsundere” heroine, an anime trope who appears tough on the outside, but hides a softer self behind the harsh armor. It’s possible that the heroine mentioned above might be a tsundere herself, or maybe that’s just an indication of the harsh shell of the egg that needs to be broken to reveal her.

At the moment there are no further hints on the nature of the game, but we’ll keep you informed on the reveal as soon as it happens.

Compile Heart Teases New Game With a Tsundere Golden Egg

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