Complete Outlast Series Celebrates Full Release on Switch with Trailer

Complete Outlast Series Celebrates Full Release on Switch with Trailer

As Outlast 2 joins the Outlast: Bundle of Terror on Switch, Red Barrels releases a very impressive trailer of the series thus far to celebrate it.

People always said they wanted Nintendo to support more mature games on their consoles, and with the release of Outlast 2 on the Switch completing the Outlast Series, I think it’s safe to say that Nintendo is actually taking that to heart.

While Outlast and its DLC Whistleblower were released as a package on the Switch back in February of this year, Outlast 2 has just graced the Switch, thus completing the unholy trinity of the series. Needless to say, I’m excited about this turn of events considering that Outlast and its DLC are one of my all-time favorite horror titles and the reason my roommates and I get along.

The trailer itself is actually really neat and a great showing for Red Barrels. It features the chronology of the Outlast from Murkoff’s shady business deals back in the 1930s to Mount Massive Asylum in 2009 and later the Outlast 2 incident. The whole trailer ends in a rather adorably hilarious jump from a man playing the game in a coffee shop as everyone watches. In the end, though, the most horrifying part of the trailer is Mario’s face peeking out at the bottom, always watching…

Big Brother Mario aside, you can now buy both the Outlast Bundle of Terror and Outlast 2 for the Switch to complete your Outlast Series collection. Since you’re here, you can also check out our review of Outlast 2.