Composer Daniel Licht Talks SIlent Hill: Downpour

on March 17, 2012 3:26 PM

In anticipation of Tuesday’s review of Silent Hill: Downpour, we’ve got a video for you wherein the game’s composer, Daniel Licht, talks about the artistic process which he applied to SH:D’s music.As sound design is such a fundamental part of what makes survival horror titles, and Silent Hill games in particular, so frightening, David played a huge role in dictating the game’s ambience.

This is the first time Licht has composed a musical score for a game, and he says of the experience “It’s been really interesting, not only am I scoring to picture, I’m scoring to the gameplay as well. Doing TV and film, everything is to picture, so it’s actually nice to get back to what I used to do, just making music.”

Licht also discusses the game itself, the nature of Silent Hill’s dreary, terrifying world, and talks about the process of delving into the human darkness necessary to capture the mood of such a place — and the difficulty of breaking out of it once the work is done. Check out the video below to see for yourself, and be sure to look for our review of Silent Hill: Downpour this Tuesday!

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