Compulsion Games Says “Early Feedback Has Been Very Encouraging” for We Happy Few’s Early Access Launch

Compulsion Games Says “Early Feedback Has Been Very Encouraging” for We Happy Few’s Early Access Launch

Originally revealed early last year, developer Compulsion Games’ We Happy Few is bringing players into a very new, weird (and British) place with its surreal take on a procedurally-generated survival game, with the studio looking for even more ways to improve the experience available so far.

In an interview, we had the chance to speak with Compulsion Games COO Sam Abbott to learn more about the process behind getting We Happy Few ready for its debut, with the game having launched in the Preview Program on Xbox One and Steam Early Access a few weeks ago.

Specifically, Abbott shared some of his thoughts on the state of the game so far during its Early Access period, and that while the studio is working to ensure the “the core game (the procedural survival experience” is good, balanced and stands on its own two feet,” he also shared that “early feedback has been very encouraging from players so far.”

Abbott also spoke to us about the game’s reception after its (positively-received) trailer at E3 2016, and spoke on the perception of the game from players based on the trailer showcasing the game’s narrative elements, which are still in development and not yet available in its Early Access state.

Abbott explained that “some players (and media, surprisingly) came in with a very different idea of what the game would be” based on what trailers and promotional material for the game have shown, though added more thoughts on perception of the game so far:

“The people that read literally any preview or storefront, or asked questions on the forums or Twitter, were really happy with the game, and have already contributed a huge amount of helpful feedback (both negative and positive). The people that didn’t read are, perhaps understandably, confused.

That’s difficult – obviously we don’t want anyone unhappy with their purchase. That sucks, and doesn’t help us or the player.  Some people act like the game being a survival game is an affront, a direct insult that we have been preparing for years, and they tell us at length.  I don’t understand that mentality.  The game is a survival game because the entire game is based around surviving…the gameplay supports the lore and story about a world falling apart.

So…how do we address people who assume that the game is like BioShock and buy without reading? The only solution I can see is to communicate, build the game, make it great with our super supportive community, and deliver the story as promised.”

We Happy Few is available now through the Preview Program on Xbox One and Steam Early Access, with the full release for the game expected in 2017.

Our full interview with Compulsion Games’ Sam Abbott will be coming later today for a closer look at the development process behind We Happy Few and getting it ready for Early Access.