Conan Exiles Gets New Info On Future Updates: Combat, Explosives, Sieges, and More

Conan Exiles Gets New Info On Future Updates: Combat, Explosives, Sieges, and More

Funcom gives more information on upcoming Conan Exiles updates from PAX East.

Funcom hosted a livestream from PAX East, and Lead Designer Oscar López Lacalle responded to a few questions from the fans, giving the lowdown on future updates the game will receive on the short and medium term.

Below you can read a recap of what was mentioned:

  • The team wants to introduce a system where people can define their identifying clan color with a template that can then be applied to everyone’s clothes. It won’t come out immediately with the dye system, but some time later.
  • The recently announced new dungeon will have unique resources that will let you craft unique items, and cool bits of lore.
  • The team wants to create multiple tiers of explosives to give less advanced players options. They’re also looking at giving trebuchets different kinds of ammunition. A possibility for tier 1 explosives is hand grenades.
  • The team is looking at including verticality in raids and sieges, letting you attack from all angles. For instance, ladders are being considered.
  • Something is coming up to deal with avatars. The team is thinking about creating something akin to nuclear deterrent in the cold war.
  • The highland biome will be located north of the current desert biome (not unexpectedly), and it will include both highlands and mountains.
  • The purge will come after the new siege mechanics. It will be tied to the lore of the game. Basically, the concept is PvE raids on your camps and bases, mostly aimed to PvE servers that for the moment don’t have many mechanics to unsettle the players’ position of power. They will include a new tier of thralls, and they will have recipes that you won’t be able to find anywhere else.
  • The team wants to introduce new types of weapons to diversify options. For instance, different two-handed weapons on top of hammers. Some differences will be stat-wise, while other will be mechanical.
  • They’re also considering different type of projectiles. Missile mechanics and throwing weapons will be improved.
  • Developers are working on implementing different ranks with different permissions for clans.
  • Alliances are not planned for the moment, but they could come up in the future
  • The team is working on adding a server setting that makes all boxes accessible to everyone and not just to the owner.

If you want to read more about upcoming Conan Exiles updates, including the road map for the year in which the game will remain in early access, you can find it here.

Conan Exiles is currently available for PC on Steam Early Access, and will launch on Xbox Game Preview in Q3 2017, followed by the full launch, including PS4, in Q1 2018.