Conan Exiles Gets New Screenshots, Images and Info: New Hair Tech, Animals, Monsters and More

Conan Exiles Gets New Screenshots, Images and Info: New Hair Tech, Animals, Monsters and More

Funcom released a couple of new pictures on its official Conan Exiles Facebook account. They showcase various elements from the new hair tech to animal, monsters and even a sacrificial altar.

While you can check out all the pics at the bottom of the post, we also get more info on what is portrayed:

New Hair Tech:

“Back in May we asked you to vote on a specific hairstyle that would make it into the game. Here’s a look at one of the work in progress character models sporting The Twisted Path, one of your requested hairstyles.

Our old hair got completely scrapped and rebuilt for the new Unreal hair tech, which wasn’t available to us earlier. Characters are a constant work in progress, basically an entire system that’s being built as we go.”

Altar of Yog:

“This altar is dedicated to Yog, the Lord of Empty Abodes. Followers of this King of Demons can only consume meat, preferably the flesh of their own kind. Sacrificial victims to Yog must ble clubbed unconcious before being thrown into the fire pit, which will grow and change as the god’s favor increases.

Yoggites draw strength from the meat they consume and are known for their ferocity in battle.”

Bat Demon:

“The bat demon is a dangerous flying monster that will appear in the Exiled Lands when the sun has set. They are vicious creatures, flying through the night looking for any unsuspecting exile to swoop down upon and attack.

Adventurers braving the dark hours of the desert should definitely keep a bow at their side to defend themselves.”


“Hyenas roam the deserts of The Exiled Lands in packs, looking for their next meal. They can be killed and harvested for their pelts, but will put up a strong fight against any exile who dares attack them.

However, industrious and patient exiles might find a way to tame these wild beasts and use them as pets.”


“The docile and majestic gazelle is a much more peaceful resident of the Exiled Lands. This herbivore roams the deserts to munch on the few plants that dare to brave the harsh environment.

While the gazelle itself will mostly leave all exiles alone, it won’t hesitate in using its horns to defend itself. Their hide can be turned into leather for crafting new and better armor.”


“Much like the gazelle, the mighty rhino is a mostly docile creature, but any exile who dares attack it will be facing the business end of its gigantic horn.

Rhinos move through the desert in herds, and can be harvested for their tough skin. There’s even rumors of a massive king rhino roaming the Exiled Lands.”

Character graphics were one of the weak points of the first gameplay trailer showcased  in June, so it’s good to see some very nice evolution there.

Conan Exiles will enter early access on Steam in January 2017, and will be released on PS4 and Xbox One at a later date.