Conan Exiles Gets Screenshots and Art Showing Gorgeous Ladies, Fabulous Dudes and More

Conan Exiles Gets Screenshots and Art Showing Gorgeous Ladies, Fabulous Dudes and More

Funcom is hard at work on their upcoming open world survival game Conan Exiles, and they recently released new screenshots and art on their Facebook page.

Below you can check out a male character model with some really fabulous hair:


“Internally we’ve been calling this guy “Barbarian Fabio”, and long-time followers might remember this particular hairstyle as the winner in the male part of our previous community decision.

We want players to have a lot of variety and character in the hairstyles they can choose from, from shaggy messy hair to shaved heads and lustrous long hairdos.

Character creation needs to be meaningful. This is especially important for roleplayers, who can express their exile’s cultural and social backgrounds through their looks.”

If you’re more into ladies, you can check out a female model at the top of the post, and here’s how she is described:

“Yesterday we showed off our Barbarian Fabio, who, despite living in the desert, still looked fab as hell.

If you want to be a woman and just let your hair hang loose, you can definitely do that too. And if we’re being honest, we think it looks pretty gorgeous.”

Last, but not least, we also get early artwork of a Black Hand hideout, because nothing says “I’m a pirate” like a ship in the desert.


In honor of Talk Like a Pirate Day we’re showing off some very early concept art for an NPC camp belonging to The Black Hand. These pirate men and women used to roam the seas, but now find themselves adrift in a sea of sand. So obviously, they chose an old ship to be their home.

We can’t stress enough that this is still being worked on, and might not make its way into the game the way it looks in the sketch. If we can’t make it fit into the game world it could also be removed completely.

Conan Exiles will enter early access on Steam in January 2017, and will be released on PS4 and Xbox One at a later date.