Conan Exiles PS4 Version "Possible;" Scorpio Compatibility Might Be Considered; Tons of Info Shared

Today you have seen the first raw gameplay of Funcom’s upcoming open world survival game Conan Exiles, but Creative Director Joel Bylos and Community Manager Jens Erik Vaaler also provided a ton of new information on the game during a recent AMA on Reddit.

The details provided were really numerous,  so you can check out a full recap below.

  • Developers aren’t ready to talk about a “possible” PS4 version. Right now the focus is getting the game out on PC and Xbox One.
  • The game is being developed for Xbox One and PC simultaneously and developers have not made compromises for either.
  • Funcom is able to release the game on Xbox One because its architecture is very different from that of the Xbox 360. They’re also using Unreal Engine 4, which is much easier to run on Xbox than our Funcom’s proprietary engine.
  • The team will consider Project Scorpio compatibility when the time comes.
  • Inspirations for the game comes mainly from Robert E. Howard’s books, but there are references to the movies like snake arrows, the riddle of steel and the wheel of pain, which you can put your thralls on.
  • Character creation is deeper than in comparable games, including looks, religion, race, voice and more.
  • You can alter your face geometry using sliders.
  • The world is “very large” with plenty of real estate to explore.
  • Increasing favor with the gods gives you access to special powers, items, and weapons. For example, worshippers of Set will gain the ability to create snake arrows that they can fire at their enemies.
  • At launch the game will have the desert biome which has a ton of variety, from tropical oases, to desert sand dunes, to ruined cities, to crystal springs and so on. There is a lot to explore. Conan Exiles is not just an empty sandbox; you get to explore old ruins of civilizations past and learn about their story.
  • The differences with Ark: Survival Evolved are as follows: “Conan Exiles has a tighter focus on melee combat, a world that can be explored to find lore and stories, a religion system that allows access to magic and god avatars, a thrall system that allows you to enslave and turn your enemies into allies. Oh and no flying mounts, because those tend to make the world too small.”
  • You can have your own server, and developers aim to support around 70 players in each server for start of early access. Text chat will be available for sure on PC, while specifics are still being worked on for Xbox One.
  • There will be server options that will prevent enemies from raiding your base while you’re not playing, or you can recruit a small army to defend it.
  • Leveling speed can also be controlled in the server options.
  • There won’t be classes, but you can choose to play like one. There won’t be sorcery at early access launch, but it will be implemented during the early access period.
  • There won’t be any microtransactions, pay to win, or subscriptions. Pricing will be announced later.
  • Developers are aiming to get an M rating on Xbox One.
  • You will be able to recruit dancers that will provide different buffs.
  • There will be furniture, and developers plan to enable as much interaction with it as possible.
  • The team aims to have dyes for equipment in early access.
  • Progression is based on leveling up and increasing stats like might or endurance, and unlocking recipes to build things.
  • The story is drip-fed through lore, context, and scattered NPCs. The game is not Mass Effect, and it’s not a story focused game, but it will have more story and context than similar games in the genre.
  • Even if Conan Exiles is a success, Age of Conan won’t be shut down. Development on Conan Exiles will not affect Age of Conan. The Age of Conan live team is separate from the Conan Exiles team.
  • You will be able to create a tribe of topless amazons with all male slaves (yes, this was a question that was asked, and responded to).
  • In early access it won’t be possible to play obese characters, but the team is aware of the request.
  • Mounts and forms of transportation will be added after the launch on early access.
  • If some assets are similar to Age of Conan, it’s because they have been completely remade from the same concepts. Unreal Engine 4 uses physically-based rendering, which is not compatible with the old assets, that cannot be reused.
  • The game won’t stay in early access forever. The early access period won’t last more than a year.
  • There isn’t a battle royale mode planned for the moment.
  • The PC version of the game will only be released on Steam to start with, with no Windows Store launch, at least for the moment.
  • Players won’t be able to tax NPCs, but you can capture them and make them work for you as archers, dancers, crafters and more.
  • Players will be able to build different tiers of walls to defend their settlement. There will be a multitude of traps also available, and summoning an avatar of one of the gods as the ultimate defense.
  • Players can form clans with social structures and permissions.
  • There wil be an emote system.
  • The approach to stealth is realistic and simple: you simply need to avoid being seen by the enemy.
  • When you build foundations, you claim an area. Nobody can build within a certain radius until they destroy your foundations.
  • Sandstorms will always be a looming threat. The Purge will send NPCs to attack your settlement, but won’t be in for early access launch. The world is full of dangerous places and monsters that will test your sanity as you explore.
  • There will be several beard options, but developers aren’t ready to disclose how many.
  • There will be several large dungeons.
  • There will be unique bosses and loot.
  • There will be unique events that players can stumble upon.
  • The way Xbox One players will host servers will be revealed closer to the Game Preview launch.
  • The Wheel of pain breaks the will of the people you capture and turns them into thralls. NPCs are captured by knocking them unconcious and dragging them back to your wheel of pain.
  • The giant statue in the latest trailer was the avatar of Mithra.
  • Magical items can take many forms.
  • Weapon durability plays a role in the game.
  • Melee combat is important in Conan Exiles and the team is putting a lot of effort into making it exciting and savage.
  • Darkness can be a significant challenge when night falls, and different creatures will spawn.
  • There is no animal handling, at least for early access.
  • Some animals will kill players on sight, some will run away. It’s closer to Ark: Survival Evolved in animal density than to Rust, but not all animals are hostile.
  • Loading the first time will show a splash screen, and once you are in the game there will be no loading.
  • Crafting will be simply a matter of pushing a button, but you will need to build crafting stations and the right recipes and resources.
  • You can only have one avatar per god active in the world at any given time.
  • There will not be split-screen support.
  • There will not be any mounts at the start of early access launch. The primary difference between Conan‘s mounts (when they will be implemented) and Ark‘s mounts is that mounts won’t be used  as proxies for combat. Conan players are expected to fight with their weapons face to face.
  • There will be at least over a hundred crafting recipes.
  • You can learn multiple religions by finding their worshipers in the world. Choosing your religion at character creation will provide you with basic tier access.

And that’s it. Conan Exiles recently got a new trailer, with the mention that it will release on Steam Early Access on January 31st, and on Xbox One preview in the Spring.

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