Conan Exiles Update Adds Drawbridges, Elevators and More for Strategic Defense

With the 27th update to Conan Exiles so far, players now have a wide variety of self-defense options available for their bases.

Funcom is moving full speed ahead on its Early Access title Conan Exiles as the latest update just went live. It’s the 27th update for the game in fact, even though it’s only been available since January 31st. This update focuses on personal defense, and adds plenty of new options that can be added to your base.

The bases in Conan Exiles can be hard to traverse due to their size. This makes it difficult for some players to even reach some areas on their own base. As a result from player feedback, Funcom added some tools to assist in navigating your own base as well as defending it. The newest features, which are live now, include drawbridges, siege cauldrons, crenelated walls, explosive orbs, and elevators. Those who find they continue to get obliterated by avatars can also employ avatar defense towers specifically geared at taking down the giants.

Funcom has taken player feedback to the next level with Conan Exiles as they are averaging an update once every four and a half days since its launch back in January. As an open world survival game, you can decide to go at it alone in Conan Exiles, or team up with other players in an attempt to dominate the wasteland. The game includes avatars of the gods which can be used to lay waste to a player’s city, as well as increasing the amount of weapons and armor one may carry.

Originally, Conan Exiles was also supposed to launch on Xbox One Game Preview along side the PC Early Access launch, but it was delayed until Q3 of this year. A full launch on Xbox One and PC, as well as PS4, is not scheduled until Q1 2018. At this time there is no planned testing on PS4.

Take a look at the newest update trailer below.

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