Conan Exiles Will Use Denuvo; Gets Info on Network Performance, Fatalities and More

Conan Exiles Will Use Denuvo; Gets Info on Network Performance, Fatalities and More

Funcom reveals quite a few details about its upcoming online survival game Conan Exiles, including anti-piracy and anti-cheating measures.

Over the past few days, Funcom Community Manager Jens Erik Vaaler answered a few questions on the studio’s upcoming open world survival game Conan Exiles on the subreddit dedicated to the title.

First of all, we learn about the tools that will be used to combat piracy and cheating.

“Conan Exiles will launch in Early Access with Denuvo for anti-piracy protection and Battle-Eye as an anti-cheating measure.
We are utilizing a widespread, industry-standard solution to combat piracy and cheating in Conan Exiles. The reason behind this is simple: to protect all the time, talent, and effort that’s going into the game.
We’ve tested for an impact on Conan Exiles’ performance, and have found no evidence that suggests that these services negatively affect how well the game runs.
Don’t worry–It’s not going to cause your SSD to explode, it’s not going to steal your information, and it won’t affect modding! Additionally, the cheat protection is only required for playing on official servers. I hope this helps clear things up a bit. We read everything you post and we thank you for the excellent feedback.”

Secondly, we hear that the team is working on addressing the network issues that cropped up during last week’s livestream.

“We’re aware of what appeared to be network performance issues on last week’s stream. We’re going through multiple builds on a daily basis as we approach launch, and the build shown then had an unforeseen issue that we’ll be addressing.
We’ve managed to iron out a lot these issues in the past week and will continue to do so. Thanks.”

The good folks at Funcom are also working on Combat and AI:

“Combat and AI are two of the things that are continously being worked on. We are aware of the problems related to both of these features and are working on improving and fixing them. We read all your constructive feedback and take it to heart when the dev teams look at the things that need improving.”

We then hear more on how fatalities will work.

“There are fatalities, but we won’t lock you into animations like in Age of Conan. When you finally kill your opponent there’s a chance of triggering a fatality, like cutting off someone’s head or limbs.”

More details provided include the fact that blood splatters have been scaled back since last week’s stream, server files for those who would like to host their own will be delivered alongside with the client at the launch of Early Access, a dye system is being developed and is “well underway,” and siege equipment will be implemented later on in the development cycle.

Last, but not least, information about the Xbox One preview version will come after the Steam Early Access launch, which will happen on January 31st. For now, all we know is that it’ll happen in the spring.

If you want to see some raw gameplay, you can also check out over four hours of it, that were showcased in five long videos herehere, here, here, and here. Recently, Funcom also revealed a definitely fetching cinematic trailer, that can be watched here.