Conan O’Brien Debuts New Gaming Podcast With Aaron Bleyaert and OMGitsfirefoxx

Conan O’Brien Debuts New Gaming Podcast With Aaron Bleyaert and OMGitsfirefoxx

Good Game Nice Try is a new gaming podcast from Team Coco and Conan O'Brien that will feature celebrity guests talking about video games.

While known for his antics on late night TV, Conan O’Brien has also dabbled in gaming over the past several years, even going as far to attend E3. Thanks to the viral success of “Clueless Gamer” — where O’Brien tries (and fails) to play games alongside co-host Aaron Bleyaert — Conan’s Team Coco is branching out with a new podcast dedicated entirely to gaming.

Over on Twitter, Conan O’Brien announced a new gaming-focused podcast from Team Coco called “Good Game Nice Try,” which will be hosted by Aaron Bleyaert (a producer on Conan) and Twitch streamer Sonja Reid (aka OMGitsfirefoxx). According to O’Brien, the show will feature Bleyaert, Reid, and a guest each week talking about their passion for video games. The first episode features T-Pain talking about Pac-Man, while other guests mentioned for upcoming episodes include Ben Schwartz, Alanah Pearce, Joel McHale, and Ron Funches.

You can check out and listen to the first episode below:

While the Clueless Gamer segments on Conan have always been played for laughs (and promotional purposes for upcoming games), the podcast with Bleyaert (who has regularly streamed games for Team Coco) and Reid seems to be more earnestly diving into the world of video games and those that are passionate about them. By featuring industry figures like Alanah Pearce and celebrities known for their love of games like Ben Schwartz (the star of this year’s Sonic the Hedgehog movie), it will be interesting to see how the podcast can gather different members of the entertainment industry together to talk about gaming.

Good Game Nice Try from Team Coco is available now on various podcast platforms including Apple Podcasts, Spotify, and more.