Conan O’Brien Teases New Video Collaboration With Hideo Kojima

Conan O’Brien Teases New Video Collaboration With Hideo Kojima

Television talk show host Conan O'Brien recently traveled to Japan and while he was there, collaborated with Hideo Kojima on an unknown video project.

If it’s anything to go by from his hysterical Clueless Gamer series, television host Conan O’Brien at least has some sort of appreciation for video games, even if he’s not very good at them. He and his team have recently been traveling through Japan, visiting various people and places throughout the country.

Interestingly enough, Conan took the time to stop by legendary creator Hideo Kojima’s studio, Kojima Productions. Of course, if you follow Hideo Kojima on Twitter it’s not too surprising considering celebrities seem to stop by Kojima Productions quite frequently. The two posted a photo together on Twitter that you can check out below:

Furthermore, Kojima-san himself retweeted the image above and posted these images to his personal Twitter account:

Based on the images, I think it’s safe to say the two got along nicely. While it may simply be another Clueless Gamer sketch, it’s very cool to see such a popular TV personality outside of gaming culture collaborate with such an iconic developer and his team. It’ll be interesting to see what the two worked on together. Perhaps we’ll even get to see a bit more about Kojima Productions’ upcoming title, Death Strandingas well.

In other more recent Kojima Productions news, the studio announced that we’ll get to see more Death Stranding at this year’s Tokyo Game Show event. The title will launch exclusively on the PS4 at a later date. Be sure to keep an eye out on Conan O’Brien’s YouTube channel where he’ll most likely upload whatever footage he captured at Kojima’s studio.