Conan Unconquered Unveiled by Funcom During Kinda Funny Games Showcase

During the Kinda Funny Games Showcase, Conan Unconquered was announced for PC by Petroglyph Games and Funcom and will release in Q2 2019.

Funcom has held the Conan video license for quite a while, putting out titles such as the MMO Age of Conan on PC and survival game Conan Exiles on PC, PS4, and Xbox One. Today, Funcom revealed a new Conan game called Conan Unconquered during the Kinda Funny Games Showcase.

The announcement trailer was purely cinematic, showing the build up to a massive battle. That being said, we did learn that the game will be a strategy title where players muse build up stronghold in order to withstand massive enemy attack. Conan Unconquered developed by Petroglyph Games, the developers behind the 8-Bit series and the upcoming Command and Conquer remasters. You can check out a description of the game from the developer below that also highlights Conan Unconquered’s unique co-op features:

Conan Unconquered is a strategy game set in the barbaric world of Conan the Barbarian where you must build your stronghold and assemble an unconquerable army to survive the savage hordes of Hyboria. Wave after wave of increasingly more difficult enemies will rush at your gates and you will need to manage resources, research new technologies to advance your defenses, and recruit an ever-growing army if you are to save survive utter destruction.

You can choose to play the game entirely alone in single-player, but Conan Unconquered can also be enjoyed in full two-player co-op allowing for a truly unique, shared multiplayer experience. Players share a base, but both can freely construct new buildings and amass an army to reach their common goal.

As I mentioned before, this announcement came during the Kinda Funny Games Showcase which Kinda Funny’s Greg Miller decided to host in lieu of there being no PSX. Funcom briefly teased Conan Unconquered earlier in the week when they stated on Twitter that a brand new Conan game would be announced at the event. The game’s website, which previously featured a countdown, now features more information on the game.

You can check out the announcement trailer for Conan Unconquered below. According to Funcom, Conan Unconquered will be released for PC sometime in Q2 2019.

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