Concept Art and Plot Details Released for World of Warcraft Film Adaption

on November 10, 2013 10:28 AM

Recently I reported Travis Fimmel was cast as one of the four leads in the upcoming World of Warcraft movie adaption titled Warcraft. During Saturday’s Blizzcon’s, director Duncan Jones released more information about the 2015 movie, including the plot.

Warcraft will be an origins story focusing on Anduin Lothar versus Durotan, Human and Orc heroes, which will largely focus in Eastern Kingdoms Azeroth. However the creative team, which includes Academy award-winning special effects supervisor Bill Westenhofer, cinematographer Simon Duggan and costume designer Mayes Rubeo are not just looking at the cities of Azeroth for inspiration. Case-in-point, they’re also looking at trees, leaves, rocks.

When it comes to the script, “It’s about both sides. It’s going to be red and blue.” He wants the movie’s audience to feel for the Orc heroes as much as they do the Human ones.

During the panel Q&A, Westenhoffer compared the tone of the film to Gladiator. He also commented, on props, “The swords that are being built are the biggest swords a human being can wield.” As for the Orcs, Westenhoffer, stated they are real human actors in makeup — not CGI.

As for women, there will be women. Jones suggested the story offers plenty of opportunities for strong female leading roles as well, which would further explain why Paula Patton is rumored to star in the movie alongside Fimmel.

Discussing the future of Warcraft as a film franchise, both Jones and Metzen said they would consider sequels, provided the first film is successful. Comparing their approach similar to Peter Jackson’s Lord of the Ring trilogy, “we do need to match and beat that.”

In addition to all this news four concept art pieces were revealed which included Draenor, home of the Orcs; Dalaran, the city of magic, floating in the sky; Ironforge, city of Dwarves; and Stormwind, seat of the Alliance.

The movie begins filming in Vancouver early 2014. Check out the gallery below to view the concept artwork.

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