Conception II’s New Screenshots Reveal That Even God’s Gift Needs a Best Friend

Conception II’s New Screenshots Reveal That Even God’s Gift Needs a Best Friend

In the latest batch of screenshots for Atlus’s Conception II, more about the protagonist’s best friend Chlotz (whose older sister is the red-headed genius heroine) is revealed.

Chlotz meets the hero on the first day of school and quickly becomes his best friend. He’s blunt but well-meaning and an unfortunate third wheel when it comes to the hero and heroine. However, he’s also a tech genius who’s constantly working on his trade. Ruby the lead researcher even notes: “For being an idiot, he’s pretty smart.”

He also deals with constantly being compared to his sister, Chloe. Not only is she one of the strongest of the heroines that God’s Gift can bring into battle, she’s also the smartest. Chlotz’s sister has numerous published works and is so smart she’s actually been promoted to teacher at the Aterra Academy. But despite living in the shadows of her accomplishments, he has plenty of his own talents and their bond as brother and sister can never be broken.

Chlotz is always willing to sacrifice anything to help his friends, or slap some common sense into people. Even if he’s horribly outmatched with no chance of winning, he’s always there to step in if it means he can help save a life. The same can be said for when he’s outmatched by some of the S-Rank girls. Even if he can’t win over the affections of one on his own, he’s always ready to hand out relationship insight to God’s Gift, which is mostly good.

Hilariously enough, it seems that he shares some character traits with Yosuke Hanamura from Persona 4 (the same can be said about Junpei Iori from Persona 3). The gallery showcasing Chlotz is below.