Conception Plus Details Its Battle System and Children Making with New Screenshots

Conception Plus Details Its Battle System and Children Making with New Screenshots

Spike Chunsoft's PS4 exclusive RPG, Conception Plus, gets new screenshots about star children making, dungeon exploration and battle.

Today, Spike Chunsoft revealed new screenshots for Conception Plus: Please Give Birth to My Child !, the PS4 remake of Conception, an RPG for PSP with a typical Japanese twist: the main character Itsuki Yuge must make Star Children with twelve different girls to save the world.

Itsuki has three teams of four Star Children accompanying him in dungeons. Each team works as a single entity with its four characters acting at the same time and sharing HP and skills. You must plan your teams carefully, as different Star Children combination unlock different skills. During the game’s turn-based battles, placement and exploiting enemies’ weaknesses are the key to victory.

As you spend time with the Star Maidens outside of dungeons, their bond with Itsuki will grow and Star Children will grow in power as well. It’s important to regularly remake your Star Children to adapt to new dungeons and monsters you’ll encounter. Doing this will also let you learn about each of the Star Maidens’ backstory. It’s basically like Persona‘s social links.

The new screenshots are included below. You can watch the announcement trailer for the game here. You can read more details about the game’s peculiar story and check out the previous batch of screenshots here.

Conception Plus will release in Japan exclusively for PS4 in Winter 2019. The game has no release planned for the west yet, but might come over, as Conception 2 for PS Vita did.