PS4 Exclusive JRPG Conception Plus Gets First Screenshots, Details

Spike Chunsoft's PS4 exclusive Dungeon Crawler RPG, Conception Plus, details its story and characters with new screenshots.

September 25, 2018

Spike Chunsoft revealed the first screenshots for Conception Plus: Please Give Birth to My Child !. The game is a PS4 remake of Conception, a dungeon crawler originally released only in Japan for PSP. The remake was announced a few days ago, with the first trailer having been revealed at Tokyo Game Show 2018.

Conception Plus‘ story follows Itsuki Yuge, voiced by Yuki Ono. As he lost his parents at a young age, he lives with his cousin and classmate Mahiru, voiced by Kato Emiri. One day after school, she suddenly calls Itsuki to the school’s rooftop and announces she might be pregnant. Right at that moment, the two of them get engulfed in light and teleported to the world of Granvania. Summoned there by the king of Granvania, he reveals his world is menaced and only Star Children, made from the union of an outsider like Itsuki and the Star Maidens, can save it.  In order for him and Mahiru to be able to return to their world, Itsuki endorses the role of Granvania’s savior.

The game features 12 Star Maidens in total including Mahiru:

  • Aly, voiced by Aya Endo.
  • Talua, voiced by Riho Sugiyama. She was instead voiced by Momoko Oohara in the original game.
  • Lilith and Lily, voiced by Kana Asumi.
  • Luka, voiced by Makiko Oomoto.
  • Femilna, voiced by Saki Fujita.
  • Mirei, voiced by Sanae Kobayashi.
  • Leone, voiced by Yuriko Yamaguchi.
  • Suu, voiced by Eri Kitamura.
  • Falun, voiced by Kazusa Aranami.
  • Colette, voiced by Asami Shimoda.
  • Yuzuha, voiced by Yukiyo Fujii.

Spike Chunsoft also guarantees the game will have enough new content to be a fresh new experience even for those who completed the original PSP game.

You can check below the game’s new screenshots and artwork showing Itsuki, Mahiru and the Star Maidens.

Conception Plus will launch for PS4 exclusively in Winter 2019 in Japan. No western release has been announced. It’s interesting to note an Asian version with traditional Chinese text was announced and will release simultaneously with the Japanese version. Perhaps an Asian version with English text will be coming as well.

Iyane Agossah

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