[UPDATED] Conception Plus’ Japanese Release Date Set for January 31st, Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

[UPDATED] Conception Plus’ Japanese Release Date Set for January 31st, Pre-Order Bonuses Revealed

Spike Chunsoft announced the release date of PS4 exclusive RPG Conception Plus, a digital deluxe edition containing swimsuit DLC, and pre-order bonuses.

Spike Chunsoft revealed today that Conception Plus: Please Give Birth to My Child! will release exclusively for PlayStation 4 on January 31st in Japan.

As a reminder, the game is a remake of the original PSP Conception game, released only in Japan in 2012. The game follows teenager Itsuki Yuge and his possibly pregnant cousin Mahiru, who are sent to another world. Itsuki must save the world by fighting with Star Children, children he must conceive with 12 different Star Maidens. You can check the game’s announcement trailer here. You can read more about the game’s story here, and check out its battle system here.

The game hasn’t been announced in the west, but could come over as Conception 2 for PS Vita was localized.

There’s also a Conception anime adaptation ongoing right now. The anime has a brand new character, Alphy, voiced by Ai Kakuma. She’s a gentle, bright girl who hates evil. She also acts as the trainer for the Star Children, and is quite demonic in her training, because of her high sense of duty. It has been announced Alphy will be included in this remake too. You can check her portrait and screenshot at the very end of the gallery.

The “Conception Plus: Please Give Birth to My Child! Digital Deluxe Edition” has also been announced, containing swimsuit costumes DLC for all 12 Star Maidens. You can check some screenshots of them at the end of the gallery below. Pre-ordering the game’s digital version, either the normal or the deluxe edition will give you a 10% price reduction.

Pre-ordering the game’s physical version anywhere will net you the OST. Furthermore, Spike Chunsoft revealed the different shop specific pre-order bonuses for the game. You can check their sample illustrations below in the gallery, listed in that order:

  • Animate Online Shop: Bromide
  • Amazon Japan: Star Children Paladin Set DLC
  • AmiAmi Japanese Hobby Store: Pass Case
  • Imagine Web Shop: A1 Poster
  • GEO: A4 Clear File
  • Gamers: Original Design A4 Microfiber Towel
  • Game Shop Takarajima: A4 Microfiber Cloth
  • Kojima: Star Children Ranger Set DLC
  • Theta Shop: Quo Card
  • Joshin: Star Children Blacksmith Set DLC
  • Sofmap: A4 Clear File, Star Children Blacksmith Set DLC
  • Trader: B2 Tapestry
  • Neowing: A6 Mini Mousepad
  • Biccamera: Star Children Ranger Set DLC
  • Fammys: B2 Poster
  • Futaba Books: One random Acrylic Stand out of the three pictured
  • Furuhon Ichiba: Original A4 Clear File
  • Yamada Denki: Star Children Hunter Set DLC
  • Yodobashi Camera: Star Children Magic Knight Set DLC
  • Rakuten Books: Postcard
  • WonderGoo: 360mm Width×1000mm Height Towel

Update: Added at the end of the gallery the game’s boxart and screenshots from the Amazon Japan shop listing.