Concrete Genie Adds New Accessibility Options to Controls

In response to a heartbroken Twitter user, Pixelipus added new control accessibility options for the upcoming Concrete Genie.

A Twitter user, excited for the upcoming Concrete Genie, had recent replied to a tweet promoting the game. They stated their need for another control option to properly play the game. While it seemed like the request went unanswered for nearly two months, the dev team has actually been hard at work. And just recently the official Pixelopus account responded back to them with some great news:

For her and other players who need it Concrete Genie, which was motion control only, will now allow for a right stick control option. As a bonus, you can even control the sensitivity of the cursor when using this mode. It’s nice to see developers that pay attention to the needs of their playerbase and act accordingly. And overall, the trend of video games incorporating more accessibility options into their titles is a great sign for the industry in general.

The official synopsis for Concrete Genie is such: it follows the journey of a bullied teen named Ash, who escapes his troubles by bringing his colorful imagination to life in his sketchbook, while exploring his hometown of Denska -– a once bright and bustling seaside town now polluted by Darkness.

Ash discovers a mysterious lighthouse, where he finds a magical paintbrush charged with “Living Paint” capable of creating magnificent masterpieces that can purify Denska’s polluted walls. Ash must harness the magical properties of his powerful paintbrush to eliminate the Darkness polluting Denska with the help of the mischievous Genies he creates along the way.

Originally the title would come out spring of this year but ended up pushed back to fall and later revealed to have an early October release date. Meanwhile artist Tsuchinoko painted a mural based on Concrete Genie during Paris Games Week, and the full video of the process is out.

You can preorder Concrete Genie through the official site or through Amazon.

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