Concrete Genie Gets New Details and Beautiful Pre-Alpha Gameplay Demo at PlayStation Experience

PixelOpus' upcoming title Concrete Genie got a much closer look on stage at PlayStation Experience in an in-depth gameplay demo.

First revealed at Paris Games Week 2017, the upcoming Concrete Genie blends together action, platforming, and artistry in some unique ways, and at PlayStation Experience viewers got more impressions of the title from on stage.

During PlayStation Experience 2017, developer PixelOpus’ Dominic Robilliard provided some new details and a closer look at Concrete Genie, which puts players into the role of a boy named Ash who utilizes “living paint” alongside a slew of friendly creatures to add color and life to his world.

Specifically, Robilliard touched on PixelOpus’ direction for their second game (their first being Entwined) and how they wanted to create a game that could “make anyone feel like they are an artist.” This is done by giving players a special brush with a variety of paint to draw living artwork on the environments and allowing players to create something beautiful.

One of the challenges that Robilliard expressed was how the team wanted to reach a balance between giving players assistance and allowing the game to be accessible by anyone, but while still preserving the feeling that players will “feel like they made” their art come to life, though the team is already on their third iteration of refining these mechanics a bit.

Robilliard also expressed that the title is a “labor of love” for the studio, and that the game has been in development for nearly three years. Coming from a small team of around 14 developers, so far it seems like an impression accomplishment as the game will include action-adventure and puzzle elements alongside the painting mechanic that seems to define the game so far.

Concrete Genie is currently in development for PS4 and expected to release sometime in 2018. For a closer look at the upcoming title, you can check out the gameplay demo from PlayStation Experience below:

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