Conduit 2 Has Game Modes Galore, Screens, Release Date

By Danl Haas

January 28, 2011

I’m not how many of you Wii shooter fans there are left out there, but hopefully you’ve got April 19, 2011 marked on your calendars already. That’s the day High Voltage will be dropping Coundit 2 on the Wii, and today they’ve shared all 14 of the various multiplayer modes available in the game. Many of them are pretty standard shooter fare, but there’s some pretty interesting ones, including Balloon Battle, which appears to effectively be an FPS version of Mario Kart 64’s battle mode. Crazy stuff. Check out the full list, as well as a fresh batch of screenshots, after the jump.

Deathmatch: First player to the kill limit in the time allowed wins!
ASE Ball: Longest time holding the ASE wins!
Bounty Hunter: Kill your assigned target for points or kill those hunting you for fun. But beware; killing someone who doesn’t fill those roles will cost you points!
Free for All CTF: Get to the flag and then carry it back to a random goal location. First to the scoring limit wins!
Team Deathmatch: First team to the kill limit in the time allowed wins!
Shared Stock: Teammates share a pool of lives while trying to get the highest kill count possible.
Capture the Flag: Each team tries to capture the ASE (flag) of the other. First team to the capture limit in the time allowed wins!
Killing Override: First team to the kill or capture limit wins!
Single Flag CTF: Teams fight over a single centrally-located ASE (flag). First team to the capture limit wins!
VIP: Fight to kill the randomly selected VIP on the opposing team. First team to the point limit wins!
ASE Basketball: Each team tries to capture a centrally-located ASE and then carry it into the enemy base. Toss or carry the ASE through the goal to score. First team to the point limit wins!
Balloon Battle: Lose balloons with every death. Gain balloons with kills. With no balloon, become a mini bomb! Last player alive wins!
Annexation: Teams fight for control over capture points. These totems award points over time. First team to the point limit wins!
Power Surge: Teams must defend their own generator while destroying the enemy’s when its shield is down. First team to destroy the generator or the team with the more intact generator wins!
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